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    Daorong New Energy Medium-temperature Trough Heat Collector Tube Shipped to North America
    Release time:2021-10-12
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    Recently, Hebei Daorong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Daorong New Energy") received an order from North America. After the hard work of the production staff, the order for the medium-temperature trough collector tubes from the North American customers were completed on time, and they were packed and shipped smoothly. The successful completion of overseas orders reflects the development of Daorong New Energy from the domestic market to the foreign market.


    The medium-temperature trough collector tube is the core component of the trough collector system. It occupies a dominant position in the solar energy utilization system. It provides a heat source for the system and its efficiency and investment cost will affect the efficiency and economy of the entire heat collection system. The trough solar heat collection device adopts a vacuum glass tube structure, that is, the inner tube adopts a metal tube plated with a high absorption rate selective absorption layer, and the heating medium is carried in the tube, and the outside is a glass tube. The glass tube and the metal tube are pumped to suppress convection and conduction heat loss.

    During the entire manufacturing process of selecting materials, production, inspection, packaging, and shipment, Daorong New Energy will never let go of every trivial detail, make the details exquisite, and strive for perfection in every link. It also ensures product quality with strict production management and quality control. The heat collector tubes produced by Daorong New Energy are of high quality. After testing, the main technical parameters of the product have reached the international advanced level.

    The smooth delivery of this overseas order is inseparable from the hard work of all Daorong New Energy employees. Everyone has worked hard. At the same time, I also thank the North American customers for their trust and support to Daorong New Energy.