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    Shallow geothermal energy (less than 200m)

    It provides a ground source heat pump air conditioning / heating system integrating key technologies such as resource exploration, heat exchange test, system design, pipe group optimization, drilling construction, ground temperature monitoring, energy efficiency evaluation and intelligent regulation. It has the characteristics of one machine with multiple functions, high efficiency and energy saving, green environmental protection and can meet the summer air conditioning and winter heating needs of various civil buildings (residential buildings, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, etc.).

    Deep geothermal energy (2000-4000m)

    Provides a clean heating system that integrates key technologies such as regional planning, resource exploration, drilling into wells, perforation efficiency, efficient reinjection, and comprehensive cascade utilization. It has the advantages of low carbon, energy saving, cleanliness, and environmental protection, and can be widely used in buildings heating, bathing and health treatment, greenhouse, aquaculture, agricultural drying and other fields.