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    Daorong New Energy develops “photothermal+” electricity, “photothermal+” gas, “photothermal+” biomass, “photothermal+” heat pump, “photothermal+” photovoltaic, "Photovoltaic +" heat pump and other series of household energy supply products, based on the business philosophy of "adapting measures to local conditions, precise energy supply, precise operation, and precise service", open up a clean energy supply path suitable for the vast rural areas and gain a wide range of governments and users Recognized. The developed trough solar thermal system can effectively meet the energy needs of smart greenhouses, seawater desalination, high-temperature power generation, and crude oil extraction.
    Relying on its strong resource integration capabilities and the results of ecosystem construction, the professional photovoltaic power station smart energy service system created by Daorong New Energy can provide consulting, development, investment, delivery, operation and maintenance and other photovoltaic power plant life cycle solutions.
    As a smart energy system solution provider, Daorong New Energy, relying on its leading technological advantages, can provide a “Geothermal +” clean heating overall solution, in terms of multi-energy complementation, high-efficiency heat pumps, cascade utilization, smart regulation, energy contract management, etc. Form key technological breakthroughs, fully realize resource tapping, and play an exemplary and leading role.